Large Props.

Church Window Style Backdrop

Item #24

Beautiful pair of church shaped folding screens.  Lovely as a ceremony backdrop.

Measurements:  Each screen measures 6 feet tall, 2 1/2 feet wide. Together approximately 5 fee wide.

$20.00 each

Large Gold Picture Frame

Item: Large 020

Amazing photo prop for your bridal party, bride and groom or photo booth! 

At 4 and a half feet wide this is an amazing photo prop for your bridal party, or bride and groom. 

Dimensions:  4 1/2 feet by 32 inches.


Large Turquoise Picture Frame

Item: Large 002

Amazing photo prop for your bridal party, bride and groom or photo booth!  Rustic turquoise.


Hand Painted Welcome Sign

Item: Large 003

Standing approximately 4 feet high and 3 feet wide this Welcome Sign will set the stage for a stunning day. 


Hand Burned Wedding Sign

Item: Large 004

Made from reclaimed barn board this hand burned wood sign make for the perfect welcoming prop for your guests.



Large Wooden Easels - Set of Three

Item: Large 019

At 6 feet tall these dark stained wooden easels work for holding seating charts, menus, posters and more.

3 in total.

$12.00 each

$12.00 each

Vintage Windows

Item: Large 005

Vintage window with plenty of character and lots of loose paint.  Perfect for:

- Seating chart

- Menu

$10.00 each - 4 in total (rent 1 or all)


Decorative Vase

Item: Large 006

Decorative white vase with asian details.  Light weight and would make for a beautiful floral display vessel.

Dimensions: 29 X 15 inches


Vintage Industrial Cart - Gift Table / Coffee Table

Item: Large 007

Stunning original vintage wood industrial cart.  Lovely for collecting gifts or use as a coffee table in a seating area.


Mini Shutters

Item: Large 021

Pair of cream and blue distressed shutters.  Great colour addition to any display.

Dimensions: 29 by 18inches.

$5.00 each

Kids Wooden Rocking Chair

Item: Large 009

Adorable wood rocking chair in off white.  Perfect for flower girl shots or child portraits.


LOVE Backdrop Sign

Item: Large 001

The modern version of a marquee sign.  This LOVE string art sign would be lovely as a ceremony backdrop or for couple and family photos. 

Dimensions:  Each letter stand 40 inches tall (Approximately 3 feet) by 25 inches wide.

Letters need to be leaned against a wall.


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Wire Gate Backdrop

Item #22

These lovely detailed wire gates will add lovely detail behind a head table or as a ceremony backdrop.  Flowers can also be tied to them adding additional colour.  Gate do not stand flat, they stand slightly folded as seen in the photo.

2 Gates.

​Measurements: Each gate stands approximately 5 1/2 feet high and 4 feet wide.

$20 each

$20.00 each

Solid Wood Door Backdrop - Two Doors

Item: Large 010

2 rustic wooden doors.  Perfect ceremony backdrop, table seating chart or to hang photos on. 

Dimensions: Each door measures approximately 5 feet 4 inches high by 2 feet wide.


Flowers are not included.


Screen Door Backdrop - Two Doors

Item: Large 011

2 Wooden Screen Doors.  Perfect ceremony backdrop, table seating chart or hang photos.  Each door comes with:

- 2 wooden crossbars with slots to hold pictures or other items

- 6 small nails that could hold twine for posting seating charts in 3 rows

- 2 wooden stands that are slotted to hold the door upright on a slight angle.

Flowers are not included.


Wine Barrels

Item: Large 012

Two vintage wooden wine barrels.  Stunning to use in any of the following ways:

- Cake Stand

- To hold flowers

- Bar side table

- Display food

- Stand in front for ceremony

4 barrels in total. $40 each.

*Barn board table top

not included with this listing

(See Furniture section)

$40.00 each

Photo: Corynn Fowler Photography

$40.00 each

Welcome Sign - Wood Hand Burned Sign

Item: Large 013

Reclaimed barn board sign.  Hand burned with 'Welcome'. Lovely as an entry prop for any event or wedding.

Dimensions: Approximately 40 inches long by 10 inches wide.



Item #23

A pair of plaster columns.  Great for ceremonies topped with flowers.

Measurements:  29 inches or 2 1/2 feet high.

$10.00 each

Barn Door

Item: Large 014

Vintage barn door.  Loving the colour options on this piece. Black & Grey on one side with the traditional Z pattern and blue/brown on the opposite.  Lovely to use as a seating chart. 

Measures: 31 inches wide by 72 inches high.


Vintage Girls Bike

Item: Large 015

Darling pink vintage girls bike.  Lovely as a 'Welcome to the wedding' prop.

Item to be used as prop - not for riding.


Wash Tubs

Item: Large 016

Metal Wash tubs.  Great for holding drinks and ice, flowers, blankets or stack upside down to hold cakes or add height to a table.

$10 each

$10.00 each


Item: Large 017

Stunning faux flower wreath.  Wonderful to hang from a tree or wall as a backdrop.

Dimensions: 24 inches in diameter


Vintage Bankers Chair

Item: Large 018

Vintage wooden bankers chair.  The perfect piece for signing wedding license. 


Wooden Crate

Item: Large 019

Vintage R.A. RAE Orchards Lidded Crate from Dixie Ontario.  Perfect for adding character to a photo shoot.  Stable for children to sit on but not adults.

Dimensions: 23 X 16.5 inches


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Lawn bowling game
4 Picture frames
Washroom signs with moveable arrows


2 rustic wood planter bins

Christmas/Baby Props.

Adorable Vintage Baby Carriage / Pram

Stunning English style pram.  The perfect prop for maternity or baby photo shoots.

Great colour and in excellent condition.


Vintage Kids Wooden Sleigh

Vintage wooden sleigh.  Perfect for Christmas portraits.


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