Small Details.

Underwood Typewriter

Item: Small 002

Vintage Underwood Typewriter (for display purposes only) can be used in guestbook display or along with writing supplies and books.

Dimensions: 10 1/2 x 14 x 9


Vintage style Metal Cup Cake Stand

Item: Small 003

3 tiered galvanized metal cupcake stand.  Featuring three raised layers with tall edges and handle.  

Multiple uses:

-Cupcakes, appetizers (fruit, cheese)

- Store lemons/limes for bar use

- Silverware, napkins

- Flowers


Milk Glass - Assorted Vases

Item: Small 004

Assorted milk glass vases.

$2.00 each

Black Tall Cake Stand

Item: Small 001

Black cake stand.  Use as cake or doughnut tower.

Measurements: 12 inch diameter


White Frames

Item: Small 073

Coordinating white frames.  Use as bar, drink, menu or card and gift signs.

$4.00 each

Lantern style lights

Item: Small 061

2 lantern style lights with battery operated candles.


$3 each

Dessert Tray / Display

Item: Small 054

Two tier tray for displaying desserts or wedding favors.


Bird Cage - Cream

Item: Small 005

Decorative cream coloured bird cage.  Lovely to accept cards, display flowers, or lights.


Vintage Books

Item: Small 057

A collection of various vintage books ranging in colour and size.

Approximately 12 in all.  

$2 each

$2 each

Tea Light Glass Holders

Item: Small 060

Glass tea light holders. 

Approximately 100 in total.

$2 for 5

Bird Cage - Sea Green

Item: Small 007

Decorative sea green coloured bird cage.  Lovely to display flowers, or candles.


Bottle Collection

Item: Small 059

A stunning collection of various vintage bottles, from perfume, wine, to medicine.  Varying in size shape and color (clear, blue, brown).  Lovely in a row or scattered with single flowers around a display.

$2 each

$2 each

Metal Drawers

Item: Small 055

A pair of vintage aluminum and wood drawers with pull.  Use right sight up for glass, favors or flowers or flip upside down to add height to a display.

Measurements: 2 feet long 10 inches wide

$6 each

Ring for a Kiss - Bells

Item: Small 008

Hand crafted from India, mini bells.  Add to your table center piece display for guests to 'Ring For A Kiss'.  More then 20 available.  Each bell measures approximately 1 1/2 inches in length.

$10.00 for every set of 20


Table Signs - Love is Sweet - Guest Book ~Please Sign - Cards and Gifts

Item: Small 006

Set of 3 fabric table signs.

Love is Sweet - Guest Book ~Please Sign - Cards and Gifts

6.00 for 3

Classic Round Table Number Holders

Item: Small 063

Suitable to for use with table numbers, photos, menus or small signs. Silver color finish.

Total of 20 

$2 each

$2 each

Crystal Candle Sticks

Item: Small 009

A collection of tiny to large crystal candle sticks. 

$10 for 4

$10.00 for 4

Queen Anne Tea Cups

Item: Small 010

These patterns in the china will add visual interest to any display, the perfect pieces to add feminine touch.  Use as a cake topper too!

$4 each.

$4.00 each

Frames, frames & more frames

Item: Small 011

An assortment of gold coloured frames in a variety of sizes.

6 in total. 4 dollars each.


Brass Napkin Holder/Stand

Item: Small 013

It's all about the bling.  Isn't this the most stunning napkin holder ever?


Vintage Radio

Item: Small 014

Vintage radio.  A favourite wedding prop.  Great for creating height and variation in a display.

Not functional.


Scalloped curtains in off white

Item: Small 069

4 lace curtain panels.  Use to drape on our screen doors for photos or hang for a photo backdrop.

Dimensions: 8 feet by 5 feet

4 in total


$4.00 each

Glass Cake Stand

Item: Small 015

Glass cake stand with floral details.



Singer Sewing Machine

Item: Small 016

Singer metal hand crank sewing machine with embellishments in weathered gold.  Comes with case (lid).  Stunning for display.


Steampunk Vintage Sewing Machine

Item: Small 070

Steampunk sewing machine with plenty of character.


Floral Wedding Sign

Item: Small 017

Add a splash of colour to your event with these darling Wedding Signs.  Perfect for an entryway.

2 signs. $4.00 each.


Vintage style ribbed vases / Milk vase/can

Item: Small 018

Vintage inspired vases and milk can.  Lovely for a sweet table or signing table.

$4.00 for 2 ribbed vases

$4.00 for milk can


Beverage Dispensers - 4 in total

Item: Small 019

Wonderfully perfect for a summer wedding or party and especially beautiful with lemonade or sliced fruit floating in whatever beverage you're serving. 

4 total including:

  • 2 Mason jar style

  • 1 with a fruit infuser

  • 1 with a stand

Each holds approximately 6 litres.

$5.00 each

Vases - Fenton Jars

Item: Small 020

Lovely for holding flowers.

Quantity: 2 included

- 1950s Vintage Fenton Hobnail Perfume Jar & vase.


Love Birds

Item: Small 021

White metal love birds.

Price is for two.

Dimensions: 7 inches by 4.5


Glass Bottles and Jars

Item: Small 022

Collection of 4 glass jugs varying in size and shape (full collection is not in the photo).  Lovely to hold flowers or as decor.

$10 for the collection

It's not easy being Green - Lanters

Item: Small 023

Glass lantern props.  Table decor.

2 for $5


Hand Made Mennonite Quilt

Item: Small 024

Lovely to snuggle in for an engagement or wedding shoot.  This vintage Mennonite quilt would be lovely to add a pop of color to a sofa.


Signs with Metal Detail

Item: Small 025

Vintage inspired signs with clothes pegs and metal detail..  Great to display cards, photos, menu etc...

$10 for both.


Basket Collection

Item: Small 052

A variety of baskets both large and small.  Use to hold blankes, flip flops or flowers.

$4 for large $2 for small

$4 for large $2 for small

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25 large tree slices

Vintage Camera

Item: Small 026

Vintage 1970's Yashcia 35 Camera. Camera does not function. To be used as prop only.


Vintage Candle Sticks

Item: Small 027

Add a touch of glamor with this trio of brass coloured candle sticks.

*Sorry we prefer if you don't use lit candles on these due to the amount of clean up.

$5.00 for 3

Brass Candelabra - 5 arm

Item: Small 028

Stunning table decor, this vintage brass candelabra is sure to add drama to any tablescape.

Measurements: Stand 10 inches high


Brass Candelabra - 5 arm stand

Item: Small 029

Stunning table decor, this vintage brass candelabra is sure to add drama to any tablescape.  Slightly smaller then our other brass candelabra.


Cedar Table Numbers 1-18

Item: Small 066

Collection of 18 hand painted cedar table numbers.

$1 each

Candy Dessert Jars

Item: Small 071

A full collection of 9 glass candy dishes.  7 with coordinating lids.  Lovely for guests at a wedding, event or birthday party to fill with pretzels, cookies, mini donuts, candies and more!

$4.00 Each

Silver Candelabra - 3 arm stand

Item: Small 063

Silver 3 arm candelabra.  Lovely at a head table. 


Silver Candelabra - 5 arm stand

Item: Small 064

Silver 5 arm candelabra.  Lovely at a head table. 


Mini Brass Candle Sticks - Collection of 5

Item: Small 030

Mixed lot of 5 brass candle holders, mid century taper style.

$6.00 for 5

Wooden Drawers - Two

Item: Small 031

Two wooden drawers with rustic handles.  Multiple uses:

- Turn upside down as cake stand

- Display cups, flowers

- Store wedding favours

Quantity: 2


$6.00 each

Vintage Tea Pot

Item: Small 032

Isn't she a beauty? Stunning for holding flowers.  Does come with a lid.


Pair of easle style signs

Item: Small 068

Pair of signs for bar, dessert or buffet.

$4.00 each

$4.00 Each

Mini vintage wood ladder

Item: Small 053

Super sweet mini wooden ladder.  Perfect anywhere!

Measurements: 3 feet tall


Trio of white faux flowers in jars

Item: Small 067

Trio of faux flowers inside mason style jars.  Flowers are fixed with glue.

Add softness to a table display.


Wire Basket

Item: Small 034

Cute wire basket.  Perfect size for silverware or as a vase.


Cake Stand - Star design

Item: Small 035

Light weight plastic cake stand.  You'd never know this was plastic by it's lovely design.

Measurements: 10 inch diameter


Card Box

Item: Small 033

Once, used to hold flour and pantry goods.  Perfect for guests to place their cards in or simply use as decor.



Photo Frame

Item: Small 064

Vintage inspired frame.  Display engagement photos, menu, or family portraits.


In Loving Memory Mirrored Sign

Item: Small 074

Mirrored 'in loving memory' sign.  White text on mirror with grey/blue frame.

Reads 'In Loving memory of those who are forever present in our hearts'.


You My Dear - Mirrored Sign

Item: Small 075

Mirrored 'You my dear make my heart smile' sign.  White text on mirror with grey/blue frame.


Golden Pillars

Item: Small 036

Two gold painted pillars distressed with teal accents.  To hold candles or as display. 

*Sorry we prefer if you don't use lit candles on these due to the amount of clean up.

$5 for both.


Rustic Table Runner

Item: Small 037

Rustic burlap and lace table runner.  Lovely with our wine barrel table.


Black Wire Cake / Food Stand

Item: Small 038

Wire cake or fruit stand.  Multiple uses:

- Display fruit, buns

- Cake stand

- Napkin and utensil tray



Collection of Vintage Tins

Item: Small 039

A colourful collection of tins.  Adds colour to a display or sweet table. Or use the rose tin as a cake stand.

$3.00 each


Vintage Movie Camera

Item: small 040

Vintage Bell and Howell movie camera with case.  Not functional. Great for table decor.